LEGO Hidden Side Minifigures

LEGO Hidden Side Minifigs - LEGO Hidden Side Characters are popular LEGO mini figures from series of sets about two teenagers, Jack Davids and Parker L. Jackson, fighting against ghosts. At Extra Extra Bricks online store you will find a great selection of new and original LEGO Hidden Side minifigures come from various LEGO sets. Come on in!

LEGO Hidden Side

LEGO Hidden Side Minifigure - ghost / spook Axel Chops LEGO Hidden Side Minifigure - ghost / spook Axel Chops
Brand: LEGO


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LEGO Hidden Side minifigures

LEGO Hidden Side minifigures are popular LEGO minifigs from a series of sets about two teenagers fighting against ghosts. The main characters of the sets are Jack Davids and Parker L. Jackson. The LEGO Hidden Side sets also include mini figures such as Pete Peterson, Paul, Sally, Walyon, Scrimper, Joey the biker, Dwayne biker, Axel Chops, Chef Enzo and many more.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a minifig to play with, whether you are collecting LEGO minifigs, or maybe supplementing the set with missing LEGO characters or you want to buy a minifig as a gift for legos lover - we invite you to check out the offer of our online store.

Extra Extra Bricks store with LEGO minifigures, minifigure parts, personalized gifts is a perfect online shop for LEGO lovers! You can buy here, among others, various LEGO minifigures, minifig parts (hair, heads, torsos and legs) which you can use to make your own figurines, LEGO animals, plants, vehicles and LEGO accessories for figures come from various LEGO sets. We only offer new, 100% original LEGO characters, minifigure parts and accessories from such series of sets as LEGO City, Friends, Harry Potter, Hidden Side, LEGO Ideas, LEGO Movie, Nexo Knights, LEGO Ninjago, Overwatch, Speed Champions, LEGO Star Wars or Super Heroes. We also offer a variety of non-standard products (custom minifigures and custom sets / models), created according to our own design, for which we use only new and original LEGO parts. Our offer also includes ideas for a personalized gift - customized figures, frames with personalized minifigures and personalised keychains, which you can create yourself and very easily from LEGO elements available in our store. You will not find used or questionable LEGO figures, accessories or other products in our store. We only offer new and original LEGO parts

Where do LEGO Hidden Side minifigs come from at

LEGO Hidden Side minifigures sold in our online store come from various of new and genuine LEGO sets.

How we pack LEGO Hidden Side characters

LEGO Hidden Side minifigures and other products from our online shop are packed in string bags. Due to the fact that LEGO minifigs, minifigure parts and accessories comes from LEGO sets, we do not have the manufacturer's packaging at our disposal.

Prices for LEGO Hidden Side mini figures

Prices of LEGO Hidden Side minifigures vary widely. They depend on, among other things, how often the minifig is included in LEGO sets and it's availability on the market.

How to buy LEGO Hidden Side minifigures

You can buy LEGO Hidden Side characters by placing an order in our online shop You can pay for the minifigure using PayPal.

Delivery of LEGO Hidden Side minifigs

LEGO Hidden Side figurines purchased in our online store are sent via Polish Post. The time of delivery of minifigures depends on recipient's address. Most of the ordered LEGO minifigs are delivered to our customers within 5-15 working days. However, the general time for delivery may be longer.

Questions about LEGO Hidden Side characters

If you have any questions about LEGO Hidden Side minifigures you are interested in, we will be happy to answer them. Email us at We invite!

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